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Meet the Team

Empowering Care, Inspiring Lives: The Dedicated Team at JJ Care Services

At JJ Care Services, our team is the heart and soul of our organisation. We are a passionate group of professionals who are committed to providing exceptional care and support to those in need. Our team is made up of skilled caregivers, experienced healthcare professionals, and compassionate individuals. All who go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and their families. Read more about our leaders and care teams below, or contact us.

Jayden JJ Care

I'm Jayden, a registered nurse, with a career in direct care and coordination roles. I established JJ Care Services because I wanted to provide people with the quality of care they deserve.


Director / Care Manager

Jayden is the founder and director of JJ Care Services and a Registered Nurse. Jayden discovered his life calling when caring for his grandmother with dementia and then through her palliative care journey at home. 

He wants people to be cared for in their home or a home like environment. With nurses, carers and support workers who feel more like family than workers. He started JJ Care in 2020 with a mission to do just that. 

Jayden is the driving force behind the company and when he’s not at work he’s either at the beach having a swim, out with friends or on the dance floor.

Ashleigh JJ Care

Hi, I'm Ashleigh. I'm all about people, service, caring and safety, ensuring all our clients are well looked after.


Service and Workforce Planning Coordinator

Ashleigh joined the JJ Care team in 2022 as a part time support worker while she was working in the Comm Bank call centre.

Having started her career as a flight attendant with Virgin and then Etihad, Ash is all about people, service, caring and safety.

Her service and organisation skills were quickly identified and she joined the rostering team. She is now Community Care Manager, making sure that all our clients are well looked after and our staff have all the information they need to do an excellent job, every time. 

Mackenzie JJ Care

Mackenzie here. I'm passionate about helping people with disabilities live their best life and I aim to make a difference in our clients' day - every day.


Team Leader

Mackenzie has a background in childcare which nurtured her love of caring for people.

Having joined JJ Care over 12 months ago, she has found that caring really is her calling. She is passionate about helping people with disabilities live their best life. And she aims to make a difference in her clients’ day – every day. When she’s not at work she’s playing OzTag or footy, reading books or hanging out with family and friends.

Mackenzie’s dedication to her work, creative thinking and problem solving prompted her promotion to a Team Leader position in 2023. 

Caelum JJ Care

Hello, I'm Caelum. I'm kind, patient and caring, and am dedicated to helping people achieve their potential.


Team Leader

Caelum joined the JJ Care team in 2023 after a friend told him what a great job it was. Starting as a Support Worker, Caelum’s leadership traits has recently led him to a promotion to Team Leader.

Caelum’s passion for helping people started when he was working as a high school tutor, helping kids make sense of what they were being taught at school. He is patient, kind and caring and is dedicated to helping people achieve their potential. 

When not at JJ Care, Caelum is at uni studying Mechanical Engineering and Physics, at the gym or out with friends. 

NDIS care Cronulla

Our support workers

JJ Care support workers are skilled, dedicated and passionate about the quality and consistency of care they deliver to our clients. They are trained and experienced in all areas of personal care. And have the patience and kindness that is an essential part of caring for the aged and people with disabilities.

We go above and beyond to assist our clients to have quality of life in a safe and secure environment. We want them to achieve their goals and will align our services to support them to do so.

Our goal is exceptional care – every time to every client.

JJ Care support work team

Our Registered Nurses

Our Registered Nurses are passionate about caring for the elderly and people with additional needs. We are trained in all areas of nursing. And we love that we can care for our clients in their home or in one of our homes. It makes a huge difference to be cared for in an environment that is comfortable, calm and relaxing.

JJ Care nurses are experts in the unique sector of community and disability nursing. And are responsive to the dynamic needs of consumers. Our nurses are responsible for training and educating our support workers to deliver safe, responsive and appropriate high intensity supports to our clients in an informed, safe manner within their scope of practise.

JJ Care disability support workers and nurses

Why choose us?

We operate a 24-hour on-call service and offer phone support overnight and out of business hours to ensure help is at hand when it’s needed

We don’t believe in leaving our clients “in the lurch”. We have a strict process we follow to ensure that your support is not disrupted by workforce disruptions including leave and worker sickness.

We conduct regular 3 monthly reviews into your services to ensure they stay at the gold-standard forever, and change as your needs and lifestyle does.

We tailor-make our care plans to suit your specific unique and individual needs and preferences. 

Our small coordination team will work hard to get to know you and build a relationship, to ensure we are familiar with your own preferences and needs and facilitate the best possible supports.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and everything we do is guided by our service users’ feedback and satisfaction.

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